Intercourse induced her to be admitted to the hospital because of allergy symptoms

This younger Spanish lady was referred to the hospital after sexual activity along with her companion, and her life was in peril.

Medical doctors indicated, after learning the outcomes of the checks, that she suffers from an allergy to her companion’s semen.

She began experiencing unusual signs after intercourse, which had been:

  • vomiting
  • respiratory difficulties
  • rash.

The medical doctors defined that that is the primary case that was recorded and revealed within the British Medical Journal Case Experiences, and to elucidate it, the researchers simplified the case as follows:

  • The girl took a sure sort of penicillin to be able to deal with an ear an infection she was affected by
  • After sexual activity and semen getting into her physique, she reacted with this medicine, inflicting the above signs.

In flip, the researchers emphasised that girls ought to take note of the entry of semen into their physique within the occasion they take medicines that include penicillin, particularly in the event that they endure from any particular allergy symptoms.

The answer to this downside lies in the usage of condoms, and that medical doctors ought to warn {couples} of this once they prescribe any medicine that incorporates substances that will trigger allergy symptoms.

The researchers identified that this subject applies to each spouses, as it’s potential that the drug interacts with the person’s semen, inflicting an allergy to the spouse.

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